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How to be a Happy Stepmum
Lisa Doodson | June 2010


An exciting new book on stepfamilies...

Some of you will recall Ė perhaps because you even participated in it - a couple of years ago we had a psychology PhD student get in touch looking for help in research for her doctorate. Well, as youíll see, she made it and is now Dr. Lisa Doodson, one of the UKís foremost experts in the field of stepfamilies and lecturer in Psychology at Thames Valley University.

She has a new book out based on much of the work done through our input (yes, I took part in the study too) and itís well worth a read. Hereís a bit of information on whatís itís about:

Stepfamilies are currently the fastest growing family type in the UK, with current estimates suggesting that 1 in 10 of all families are now stepfamilies. Yet despite the ever-growing number, there remains a dearth of information and support for them.

How to be a Happy Stepmumem> provides the first step in this support by guiding stepmothers through the pitfalls of adapting to stepfamily life; firstly by identifying what type of stepmother they are and then by addressing each of the recognised factors related to becoming a successful and happy stepmother.

Based on sound research and written by an expert in the field, this book is essential reading for all stepmums.

Dr. Lisa Doodson is one of the UKís foremost experts in the field of stepfamilies and currently lectures in Psychology at Thames Valley University. She writes for national magazines and press on the topic of extended families and relationships, helping people understand the pressures of stepfamily living and offering advice on dealing with their difficulties within their families.