Childless Stepmums Help and advice for the instant mum!

Childless Stepmum Forum


The Childless Stepmums Forum is a sanctuary for women thrown into an instant family of often angry ex-wives, resentful stepchildren and guilty or mourning fathers. Share your own step-parenting experiences, learn from stepmothers who've been there before and learn how to build a healthy and unique relationship with children that are not your own.

So you're a stepmum - you have no children of your own and you knew exactly what the situation was when you signed up to it. But did you really? Nothing can prepare you for the reality of being a childless stepmother - it's hard, stressful and exposes a lot of darker emotions you never knew you had.

But there's one thing you can be sure of - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

At the Childless Stepmums Forum you can share your problems with others in your situation and learn how to cope with this unpredictable responsibility. Now grab yourself a grown-up glass of wine and join in...